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How Does It Work?

We send you a newsletter containing all of the current studies in your area. If there is a study you want to participate in; you can click on the link or study-poster, and then fill out the application form at Pure-Gold.ca.

Your applications are then reviewed by hand.

If you qualify based on your application answers; we give you a call and go over the full screener with you (this usually takes around 5 minutes).

We will let you know during the phone call if you fit into the study. Then the study details are sent to you (time, date, location).

Closer to the day of the study we give you a courtesy call/email to remind you and re-confirm your participation.

Then you participate and get paid.


How do I get paid?

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In person studies pay in cash at the end of the session immediately, unless otherwise stated in advance.



Online and telephone studies pay three ways: E-transfer, PayPal, or Cheque mailed directly to you within 6 to 8 weeks of study completion.



Prizes are drawn after studies close to ensure everyone who participated gets a chance to win. Monetary prizes are sent by E-Transfer, PayPal, or Cheque within 6 to 8 weeks of study completion.

Any physical prizes are mailed/delivered to you directly (or offered for pickup if you live in Calgary, AB).


Will someone try to sell me something?

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No! We are only looking for your valuable thoughts, insight, experience, and opinions.




What is a focus group study?

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A focus group is a demographically diverse group of people assembled to participate in a guided discussion about a particular product before it is launched, or to provide ongoing feedback on a political campaign, television series, etc.