Tobacco Chew Pouch Study

Gold & Gold Tobacco Chew Pouch Study (1).jpg

In Calgary, Alberta on November 11th. We have some sessions during the day about chewing tobacco pouches.


Specifically, we are looking to speak with females and males aged 19 to 40 years old, who use portion chew tobacco bags/pouches regularly.

The methodology for this one will be a 3-hour focus group where you will test 3 oral nicotine products over 3 hours and give your views on the offer. Followed by a 6 day online in-home product test – you will need to spend up to 30 mins each day answering questions online. Followed by a 20-minute phone interview.

The study pays $125 CAD (for the focus group), plus $150 CAD (for the 6 day online in-home test), plus an additional $50 CAD (for those that are selected for the phone interview).  

Compensation for this one will come after the study is completely finished.

Thank you, this study is now full.

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